The Sound of Violence podcast is a show hosted by Chris Pulver and Chris Madaffer focused on highlighting some of the greatest MMA podcasts available each week. The show features card breakdowns as well as drinking select craft beer. New episodes release each Friday and be sure to check us out on YouTube and Twitter for updates and more content!

Our Story

Native San Diegans  Pulver and Chris, quickly became MMA fans after learning about the sport. While drinking beers and discussing numerous MMA podcasts they listen to each week, Chris and Pulver decided to start a podcast of their own, dedicated to helping the MMA community sift through the cavalcade of MMA media to find the most interesting and hilarious MMA related shows being released each week.

If you have any suggestions of podcasts we should check out or if you just want to harass us about our terrible taste, feel free to email the show at or hit up the 'Contact Us' page on our site.