Ep. 96 TUF 28 Finale Recap and UFC Adelaide Breakdown

On this week's show we discuss the mma podcasts you should catch, skip, and can't miss from this week plus they discuss the TUF 28 Finale (00:04:55). Then Pulver & Chris give their picks for the UFC Fight Night 142 Adelaide Dos Santos vs Tuivasa card (01:12:45).

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MMA Podcasts to Catch
UFC Unfiltered Ep. 250
- MMAzing Ep. 312
- JRE MMA Show Ep. 49
- CME Power Hour Liddell vs Ortiz 3

MMA Podcasts to Skip
- MMAJunkie Radio Ep. 2809
- Helwani MMA Show Ep. 39

MMA Podcasts You Can't Miss
- Fights Gone By Ep. 107
- Heavy Hands Ep. 239

New MMA Podcast Recommendation
- The Morning Toke Nov 26th
- Frank Pozen Big Bad Podcast
- The MMA Nerd Ep. 22
- Wednesday MMA Show Ep. 01

Podcasts for the Well Rounded Fight Fan
Fighting in the Age of Loneliness
Joe Rogan Experience Ep. 1207
- Waypoint Radio Waypoints Ep. 10

MMA Podcast Honorable Mentions
- Frenemies Ep. 13
Believe You Me Ep. 99
MMA Road Show Ep. 192
- Protect Ya Neck Ep. 103
- MMA Heat Ep. 183
- Below the Belt Ep. 108
- MMA Hour Ep. 459
- Wonder Twins Power Podcast Ep. 5

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Click the link below to check out the photos Chris Madaffer and Pulver took while they were cageside at Summerfist VII from June 24th, 2018
Our Summerfist VII at the Del Mar Fair Photo Gallery

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